About Rose

13667944_10100752094733373_763861809343933108_oMy name is Rose Gardner and I am an artist, designer and illustrator currently living in North Dakota. I grew up between Laramie, Wyoming and a brief stint in South Korea. I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember and for the times that I can’t recall, I have my Mum to thank for saving all of my old doodles (thanks Mum!). I am a multifaceted and enthusiastic creative person with an upbeat, eager personality and a willingness to work hard. My passion for learning new skills is always growing.

In 2009, I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies & Religious Studies. After I graduated college, I worked for a nonprofit in Laramie as a communications/marketing coordinator until 2010 when I moved to North Dakota with my husband. Since moving I’ve worked as a construction project coordinator, office manager, bookkeeper, hotel front desk, accounts receivable, and a housing manager. All during that time I was sneaking in freelance webdesign and putting my creativity and art on hold.

Mid-2015 I decided to finally strike off on my own after the passing of my amazing cousin, artist Roman Scott. He was a huge inspiration to me and his work is a legacy. Seeing his work’s longevity made me ask what I can leave for this world – can I share my passion and creativity with others? How can I participate in culture and add to the world around me? So I’ve set off on my own to fulfill my passion for art and design. I hope my work can inspire and make others happy.